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Rant – Wolfbacca

Rod: How do you expect me to take it? You look more like Chewie than the Wolfman!

Barry: Okay, what did I do wrong?

Rod: For one thing, where are your paws? All you did is cover your feet with fur.

Barry: I’m doing the next best thing, walking on the balls of my feet.

Rod: That worked in the original, but in the new one, his feet were totally wolfed out.

Barry: Okay, that’s one. What else is wrong?

Rod: In both the old and new movies, the Wolfman had some of his clothes left on him.

Barry: The clothes were there for the censors.

Rod: As many times as we saw the movie, you’d think you would get it right.

Barry: I guess I was totally blown away by the film.

Rod: I know what you mean! I totally lost count of how many times we sat through it.

Barry: Me too! The blood, gore, and violence was incredible!

Rod: You didn’t mention the plot which was also great.

Barry: Compare the new one with the original and tell me which is best.

Rod: Hey, I’m the one who asks the tough questions! You are supposed to do the answering!

Barry: It’s my Wolfman persona. I get aggressive.

Rod: That’s not all you get!

Barry: Anyway, what do you think?

Rod: I think both movies are great. Look at the original. Lon Chaney Jr. was so great in it, he did the character in at least four more movies.

Barry: I also noticed that the new movie was very close to the old one except for one point and frankly, that one difference improved the story, I think.

Rod: I agree with you! That was a total shocker and made the film great!

Barry: I’m still ticked at you about……..the…………. <starts to look strangely>

Rod: What’s wrong with you?

Barry: Is…it a full…..moon tonight?

Rod: Yes, it is. Why do you ask?

<Barry drops to all fours and starts shaking>

Rod: Barry, what is it?

<Barry growls at Rod>

Rod: I’m outta here! <dashes away>

Barry: The things I do to get the TV to myself.

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