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Rant – Sesame Street

Rod: Why do you constantly have to insult me?

Barry: I don’t do it constantly, but only when I need to.

Rod: Which is pretty constant if you ask me.

Barry: Whatever.

Rod: Which sentient being on that show do you want to meet?

Barry: That’s easy! I want to meet the big one with the nose like an Earth elephant.

Rod: I figured you’d want to meet the guy with the fangs also.

Barry: After that movie called Dracula the other night? No thanks!

Rod: You know, there are two characters that remind me of us.

Barry: Really?

Rod: Yeah, the two guys who live in the apartment. You know, one of them has the bright yellow duck made out of rubber?

Barry: They really remind you of us? How?

Rod: Yeah! I see us in how they pal around and bust on each other.

Barry: If you compare me to that guy with the duck, you are going to wish you were a rubber ducky.

Rod: But they way he…..

Barry: Don’t go there, as the humans say!

Rod: But Barry, he…


Rod: You know, you are right. You are not like either of them.

Barry: That’s good to know.

Rod: If you went on the show to meet those lifeforms, I know exactly where you could stay and be close to the one like you.

Barry: Where’s that?

Rod: In a garbage can by the green guy that is such a grouch!

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