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Rant – Ultimate Fiber

Barry: Rod, you don’t understand. We need that fiber for our digestive systems to work properly.

Rod: But why? Ours are different from humans in some ways remember. Heck, fiber might be bad for us. Remember what happened when you drank that orange juice? You broke out in bright orange splotches.

Barry: Yea, but it sounded so good, and all the advertisements say it’s good for you.

Rod: And that’s my point. You simply can’t believe advertising.

Barry: But, they always make everything sound so good. Food, TV, movies…

Rod: Exactly. We saw all the advertising for Clash of the Titans and saw how it looked like a great film, and in 3-D to boot and what did we think?

Barry: We thought it would be an incredible movie.

Rod: Then we get there and first thing off the bad, Zeus didn’t throw a single lightning bolt.

Barry: And there wasn’t a Hercules in the movie.

Rod: And a lot of the other gods of Earth’s Greek culture were not there.

Barry: And there wasn’t as much action as we were led to believe.

Rod: What I want to know is where was Percy Jackson? He should have been there.

Barry: You’re crossing movie franchises.

Rod: Oops sorry!

Barry: There was one thing that really bugged me.

Rod: What was that?

Barry: The part about the Greek gods and humans having children together.

Rod: What do you mean?

Barry: If that was true, why don’t they do so now.

Rod: Maybe they do and they changed the name of their children.

Barry: What do you mean?

Rod: In that movie, their children were Greek, right?

Barry: Yeah.

Rod: Take the world Greek and drop the r.

Barry: <groan>

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