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Rant – Genie in a Jack

Rod: I don’t care if it is a bottle of Jack Daniels, Jim Bean, or Dawn Dishwashing liquid, I want to see a genie pop out.

Barry: Rod, we’ve had this discussion over and over……most of what you see on television is not real.

Rod: That can’t be right. What about all of those reality shows?

Barry: Some of them are staged…totally set up and filmed as if it was real.

Rod: How can they be faked?

Barry: By computers, film editors, and the like.

Rod: What do you mean?

Barry: Remember the movie, “The Running Man”?

Rod: Yeah, it was taken from that novel by Richard Bachman

Barry: Stephen King

Rod: No, the film said Richard Bachman

Barry: That was a pen name that King used. Check and see.

Rod: <checks computer> I’m shocked!

Barry: Anyway, remember how they took what really happened at the first of the movie and made it totally different?

Rod: OH!

Barry: That’s right! Skillful people can take any film and make it something completely different.

Rod: Can it be possible… you mean…….Jeannie didn’t come out of a bottle?

Barry: That’s right! It was smoke and special effects.

Rod: And they didn’t shrink the submarine in “Fantastic Voyage”?

Barry: Nope, never happened.

Rod: This is so depressing!

Barry: What do you mean?

Rod: Well, you know the store that sells this?

Barry: Yeah…..

Rod: The sign on the door says spirits.

Barry: I’m going to regret saying this, but so……?

Rod: Why sell these bottles if they don’t have spirits?

Barry: My parental units warmed me there would be days like today.

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