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Rant – E-Z Payments

Barry: Maybe we should have not bought all of that stuff!!!

Rod: Hey, you were the one who wanted the recliner.

Barry: Me? What about you and the Susan Lucci Cosmetics. They are for human females!

Rod: It thought I could use them for Halloween this year and be the Joker.

Barry: Wrong kind of makeup, laser brain!

Rod: The crystal pieces looked wonderful.

Barry: Oh, yeah. Now you say that after telling me they could be spare parts for the ship!

Rod: And all of the gold pieces of jewelry…

Barry: Which you said we could use to fancy up the cockpit.

Rod: We got a great bargain on the luggage.

Barry: Which we certainly didn’t need for this. Face it, Rod, you’re addicted.

Rod: No I’m not.

Barry: Yes you are. You sat there, seeing all this stuff and you could not resist it.

Rod: Yes I could resist it. I didn’t buy the exercise equipment.

Barry: Which you could actually use!

Rod: Watch it there, Pudgy!

Barry: Hey, you are hooked. You are just like the guy in the Robocop movies who always said, “I’ll buy that for a dollar!”

Rod: I didn’t say that… was always several dollars.

Barry: Well, you were right on one thing

Rod: What’s that?

Barry: We’d get some new bracelets.

Rod: One of these days, Barry………

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