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Rant – Lonely Galaxy

Barry: Has your logic center totally failed?

Rod: What do you mean by that crack?

Barry: That book is legendary!

Rod: Yeah…a legendary joke! This doesn’t help you travel the galaxy.

Barry: Whoever said it did? It is an amazing story!

Rod: Okay, give me the short, short version without ruining the ending for me.

Barry: Well, it is the tale of a human who is rescued before the Earth was destroyed by a Vogon Destructor fleet.

Rod: The Vogons?

Barry: Yeah. Well, the human and his sidekick, Ford Prefect…

Rod: Ford????

Barry: That’s right. They first hitch a ride on a Vogon ship…

Rod: Uh oh. My uncle used to tell me stories about Vogons.

Barry: And they get read Vogon poetry by the ship’s captain.

Rod: Don’t scare me like that! Their poetry inspires nightmares.

Barry: They get throw off the ship and then…

Rod: Wait…don’t…you’ll ruin it for me…oh the heck with it, does it have it?

Barry: What do you mean ‘it’?

Rod: You know what I mean…..does the book contain it?

Barry: I can’t tell you….you said don’t ruin it for you.

Rod: Give me a hint!

Barry: Okay…42.

<Rod sits down and starts to read>

Barry: I thought you were going to take it back.

Rod: Barry, you know me better than that.

Barry: Okay, my turn…what do you mean by that crack?

Rod: You know how I love to read History!

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