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Rant – Illegal Cable

Barry: It’s because we are not in Arizona.

Rod: True.

Barry: But we are in trouble it seems.


Barry: Maybe they’ll give up and go away

Rod: Fat chance of that.

Barry: Man, they are going to break the door down. Help me think of something.

Rod: Help you? I ought to gift wrap you to the FBI!

Barry: Why would the FBI come after cable theft? I thought they went after DVD pirates.

Rod: Too late to worry about that!


Barry: They’re going to send me to the Big House!

Rod: How did you fix the box?

Barry: With this! <holding up a familiar silver device.>

Rod: A sonic screwdriver????

Barry: How do you think I opened it?


Rod: Not like the way they are about to open the door!

Barry: What do we do?

Rod: Give me that thing!

<Rod grabs the device, aims it at the cable box, and hits the button. Sound erupts and the box returns to the way it should be.>

Rod: There! Don’t alter it again!

Barry: Okay…let’s let them in.

<Barry opens the door, and the FBI are standing there, with a familiar gentleman, wearing a bow tie.>

Familiar Gentleman: I’ll take that <taking sonic screwdriver from Barry and then turns to FBI agent.> and thank you lads for your help.

Barry: Since when does The Doctor make house calls?

Rod: Better him than House!

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