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Rant – And Your Host is…

Rod: That was a close one.

Barry: What do you mean?

Rod: I thought you were going to say that you stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

Barry: I can’t say that….

Rod: Thank goodness!

Barry: …..because it wasn’t last night, but a few weeks ago.

Rod: Now, what do you know about being a TV host?

Barry: The same as you! I’ve watched them all in action and studied the way they work.

Rod: Okay, how would you introduce Olivia on the show?

Barry: Olivia Munn, come on down! You are the….

Rod: Barry! We are talking about AOTS, not The Price is Right!!!

Barry: But the hosts of that show are so popular!

Rod: Try again, laser brain.

Barry: Now, Olivia, do you want Door number 1, Door number 2, or Door number 3?

Rod: You are not Wayne Brady and this is not Let’s Make a Deal!!!

Barry: But it does get attention.

Rod: I’m going to regret this, but I have to ask…what is behind the doors?

Barry: Well, you would be behind number 1 and I would be behind number 2.

Rod: And the third door?

Barry: Clones of ourselves as it would be the big deal of the day.

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