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Rant – NSA

NSA Command: What is your situation, Agent 43?

Agent 43: We have two aliens on a major cable network, revealing themselves to the world!

NSA Command: Which network?

Agent 43: G4

NSA Command: 43, haven’t we told you to quit calling every time a couple of nut cases dressed like aliens turn up on that network?

Agent 43: But you don’t understand! They’re purple, talking about ‘purple love’, and wearing no clothes!

NSA Command: That is the FCC’s jurisdiction, not ours, 43!

Agent 43: But they are actual space aliens!

NSA Command: Stand by, let me get a visual on this.

Agent 43: Standing by.

NSA Command: 43, those are obviously two guys dressed up in costumes.

Agent 43: And what makes you say that?

NSA Command: Because we have no alien lifeforms registered with that shape, size, or color.

Agent 43: That is my point! They are unregistered aliens!

NSA Command: That is ICE’s jurisdiction and not ours, 43!

Agent 43: So aliens revealing that there is life in outer space, making us all liars isn’t important?

NSA Command: Aliens are the jurisdiction of ICE and not us, 43!!!

Agent 43: Why do I even bother trying to do my job???

NSA Command: Listen, if you are so determined to intervene in the matter, there is an agency you can call.

Agent 43: Roger, Wilco! Who do I call?

NSA Command: Well, they are very secret…

Agent 43: What is the agency?!?

NSA Command: The Torchwood Institute.

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