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Rant – Security!!!

Barry: Now you’ve done it!

Rod: Done what?

Barry: Got us in trouble where we will get thrown off the show!

Rod: Tell me one thing I said that wasn’t true!

Barry: It was all true, but all it has done is that you got Kevin very angry!

Rod: He’s angry? You ought to try my side of the matter!

Kevin: Security!!!

Barry: The trouble is, we’ve got to do something fast!

Rod: What should we do? Beg for forgiveness?

Barry: I doubt that will work with his current frame of mind.

Rod: He has a mind?

Barry: You are not helping!

Rod: There is only one thing we can do.

Barry: Think of something else.

Rod: There is nothing else that will work!

Barry: We’ve got to try anything else!!

Rod: Okay…any bright ideas there, Barry?

Barry: If we do that, SHE will get upset. You know what she said about doing that to humans.

Rod: Think fast, genius….he is about to come back with reinforcements.

Barry: Okay…only because we must be with Olivia!

Rod: Right! This is strictly for the goddess!

 <The story continues in strip number 241, “Hypnotic”.>

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