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Rant – Being Olivia

Rod: Sorry, pal. As they say on Earth, “First come, first served.”

Barry: But why do you always get to be the fun characters?

Rod: I do not!

Barry: Yes you do!

Rod: Prove it!

Barry: In the Watchgeeks wallpaper, you got to be Rorschach!

Rod: But in the “Harry Potter” spoof wallpaper, YOU got to be Harry!

Barry: Okay, I’ll give you that one.

Rod: Thank you.

Barry: But why do YOU get to be Olivia?

Rod: Because of my natural charm…

Barry: Yeah, right….

Rod: My ability to be anyone I wish…..

Barry: Suuuuure……

Rod: And I’ve got great taste in Earth clothing.

Barry: Do you have a fever when you tell that many lies?

Rod: And the fact that putting them under our control was my idea.

Barry: Don’t remind me. We are going to be in so much trouble over this.

Rod: Do you do anything besides worry?

Barry: Okay, so you are going to be Olivia. Now we just have to get you an appropriate dress and some makeup.

Rod: Wait, dress like a girl? Maybe I should rethink this…

Barry: Nope! Too late! I’m going to make you look SO girlie…

Rod: Wait! You tricked me! That’s not fair!

Barry: Well, as they say on Earth, “Life is not always fair”. Hahahahaha!

Rod: Ok, you win. I think I saw what we need back that way…

<Story continues in Strip number 243, “Wardrobe”>

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