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Rant – Purple Nurple

Rod: We’ll be back for our Quantum Mechanics discussion after this break.

Barry: Sorry! Was trying to make some geek humor.

Rod: No humor was there, just like the space that is supposed to house your brain.

Barry: No brain in my head? Look who is talking!!!

Rod: And what do you mean by that crack?

Barry: You are on an Earth television show, talking about destroying the planet!

Rod: And the only people watching this will just think it is a sci-fi episode of the show.

Barry: Yeah. Just keep telling yourself those delusions!

Rod: Delusions? Just think! Who usually watching these shows?

Barry: Gamers, sci-fi fans, and geeks!

Rod: And would they believe that they have been invaded?

Barry: If they did, they would think it was cool!

Rod: Exactly! We are having fun at their expense.

Barry: It will be at our expense before long.

Rod: And what makes you say that, laser for brains?

Barry: This is an Earth television show, right?

Rod: Yeah…..

Barry: And that little red light means that we have been on the air the last few minutes while we’ve been talking.

Rod: Yeah….

Barry: And this show is beamed up to a satellite, correct?

Rod: Yeah……

Barry: And we both know that Earth satellite signals are receivable on our planet……..

Rod: <nervously> Uh oh………

<On Rod and Barry’s home planet, someone is watching this discussion on her monitor>

Supreme Overlord: What in the name of Talos IV are those two idiots doing???????

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