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Rant – Boobs, They’re Fun

Barry: What do you mean fun? What are their practical use for you?

Rod: What do you mean by that?

Barry: Just what I said. What would be their purpose and fun doesn’t cut it.

Rod: Well, if I fall forward, they would be a great cushion for hitting the ground…

Barry: Till your head went forward and you cracked it…..but who could tell the difference.

Rod: Very funny, fuzzy head!

Barry: Okay, what else?

Rod: If we went on a boat and I got thrown overboard, they would be a great flotation device.

Barry: Wait! You are not thinking!

Rod: What do you mean?

Barry: If you get on a boat, it sails away from land, right?

Rod: Yeah….

Barry: And it sails on what?

Rod: YIPES! Thanks for reminding me.

Barry: Don’t mention it.

Rod: Believe me, I won’t.

Barry: Okay, so you are going to lose the boobs?

Rod: Can I at least keep the hair?

Barry: Only if you let me keep mine.

Rod: Forget that idea, porcupine!

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