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Rod & Barry’s Rant

Episode 24: Clone Wars
Published: August 15, 2008

Barry:  What do you mean, what he was thinking?
Rod:  He left out the best part!
Barry:  And what was that?
Rod:  Where Darth Vader kicked butt from the end of Revenge of the Sith till the start of A New Hope.
Barry:  What was there to tell?  He had killed all of the Jedi.  What was left to do?
Rod:  Help keep the planets in line, in obedience to the Emperor, and his service to him
Barry:  Well, we get to see Vader strike back in The Empire Strikes Back
Rod:  Yeah, but that was later on.  I want to see him in is prime!!
Barry:  I think there were some books written about that period of time.
Rod:  Books?  Are you suggesting that I lower myself, and learn to read this primitive language?
Barry:  And you say I worry YOU sometimes.
Rod:  What would I gain by bringing myself down to their level?
Barry:  Because learning to read some of their languages would help know more about them, and what time our favorite shows come on.  We would be able to read that all knowing publication called TV Guide.
Rod:  Also, what was Lucas thinking, making parts 4-6 and then parts 1-3.
Barry:  Earthlings call them prequels.
Rod:  It doesn’t make sense.  He should have made them in order.  Now, he’s jumping back to between parts 2 and 3!  It’s as confusing as a causality time loop!
Barry:  No it’s not.  He’s just doing with the movies like earthlings do on their primitive word processors.  He’s going back and inserting improvements
Rod:  You can’t improve on Darth Vader.  He Rocks!!
Barry:  The most evil villain in movies rocks?
Rod:  Oh, yeah!
Barry:  What about Cate Blanchett?  When you watched Indiana Jones, you thought she would be a great Supreme Overlord!
Rod:  She doesn’t hold a candle to Vader!

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