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Rant – Screening Calls

<The Visiphone goes dark.> Rod: We are so dead! Barry: Where do you get that we, pal? You are the one who refused to answer first. Rod: But you did also! Barry: You’re right, we are both so dead. Rod: I know we are. This isn’t our usual cell. Barry: What makes you say that? […]

Rant – Boobs, They’re Fun

Barry: What do you mean fun? What are their practical use for you? Rod: What do you mean by that? Barry: Just what I said. What would be their purpose and fun doesn’t cut it. Rod: Well, if I fall forward, they would be a great cushion for hitting the ground… Barry: Till your head […]

Rant – Let’s Take A Call

Supreme Overlord: In your cases, the Supreme Judge, Jury, and Executioner! Rod: ah……ah…….ah…… Barry: (whispers to Rod) What do we do now? Rod: (whispering) Think fast and talk faster! Barry: Your Supremeness, to what do we owe this pleasure? Supreme Overlord: Oh, it will be MY pleasure when I deal with you two idiots personally! […]

Rant – Purple Nurple

Rod: We’ll be back for our Quantum Mechanics discussion after this break. Barry: Sorry! Was trying to make some geek humor. Rod: No humor was there, just like the space that is supposed to house your brain. Barry: No brain in my head? Look who is talking!!! Rod: And what do you mean by that […]

Rant – Being Olivia

Rod: Sorry, pal. As they say on Earth, “First come, first served.” Barry: But why do you always get to be the fun characters? Rod: I do not! Barry: Yes you do! Rod: Prove it! Barry: In the Watchgeeks wallpaper, you got to be Rorschach! Rod: But in the “Harry Potter” spoof wallpaper, YOU got […]

Rant – Security!!!

Barry: Now you’ve done it! Rod: Done what? Barry: Got us in trouble where we will get thrown off the show! Rod: Tell me one thing I said that wasn’t true! Barry: It was all true, but all it has done is that you got Kevin very angry! Rod: He’s angry? You ought to try […]

Rant – NSA

NSA Command: What is your situation, Agent 43? Agent 43: We have two aliens on a major cable network, revealing themselves to the world! NSA Command: Which network? Agent 43: G4 NSA Command: 43, haven’t we told you to quit calling every time a couple of nut cases dressed like aliens turn up on that […]

Rant – Blue’s My Color

Barry: What does it matter? She’s broken my heart! <sniffing> Rod: Get a grip, Barry. We must have made some impression with her! Barry: How can you say that? Rod: Periera telling us what he did about painting himself green. He is simply trying to discourage us! Barry: He didn’t have to! <crying> Rod: Barry, […]

Rant – And Your Host is…

Rod: That was a close one. Barry: What do you mean? Rod: I thought you were going to say that you stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night. Barry: I can’t say that…. Rod: Thank goodness! Barry: …..because it wasn’t last night, but a few weeks ago. Rod: Now, what do you know about […]

Rant – Incognito

Barry: And I told you that we need to wear something else! Rod: What I don’t get is why she totally freaked out. Barry: Yeah! <Yelling at the fleeing lady> Haven’t you ever seen “Avatar”? Rod: Apparently not…she’s still running. Barry: Yeah, blue hair and all! Rod: Speaking of clothes, did you remember to NOT […]

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