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Rant – Slip of the Tongue

Rod: I thought she could take a joke. Barry: Like she did the time before this, and the time before that, and the time…. Rod: I get the picture! Barry: So help me, I’m going to get an Earth canine silencing device to shut your mouth! Rod: You mean one of those zapper things that […]

Rant – Kevin Pareira

Rod: That’s it. Pareira is the evil one! Barry: He wants Olivia for himself! Rod: That’s right! He shields her from her worshiping public! Barry: Hides her mail from her! Rod: We have to find a way to get past him! Barry: This is going to be a tough mission. Rod: It’s going to take […]

Rant – Illegal Cable

Barry: It’s because we are not in Arizona. Rod: True. Barry: But we are in trouble it seems. <BAM! BAM! BAM!> Barry: Maybe they’ll give up and go away Rod: Fat chance of that. Barry: Man, they are going to break the door down. Help me think of something. Rod: Help you? I ought to […]

Rant – 1-900 Girl

Rod: Hey, I was up for one too! Barry: Now, we’ll be lucky if we are up for freedom in a month!!! Rod: I can’t believe she didn’t go for my idea. Barry: We’re lucky that she didn’t get madder! Remember years ago, when someone told her she should be a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader? Rod: […]

Rant – Party Line

<After a few moments, Rod slams down the phone> Rod: What a ripoff! Barry: What do you mean? Rod: All there are on there is a bunch of guys hunting for chicks and no women on! Barry: You get what you pay for! Rod: Don’t rub it in! Barry: Rod, you have to remember that […]

Rant – Rod’s Anatomy

Barry: What did you expect? To them, you are a nutcase in a costume. Rod: But after seeing all of the docs and nurses on TV, I was sure this would end my losing streak. Barry: There isn’t a coach in the universe that could help you break that. Rod: Why don’t you fix me […]

Rant – Lonely Galaxy

Barry: Has your logic center totally failed? Rod: What do you mean by that crack? Barry: That book is legendary! Rod: Yeah…a legendary joke! This doesn’t help you travel the galaxy. Barry: Whoever said it did? It is an amazing story! Rod: Okay, give me the short, short version without ruining the ending for me. […]

Rant – Scuba? In Water???

Barry: Why are you such a killjoy? Rod: What do you mean? Barry: Just because you can’t use your underwater tank you built for the dive, you have to just give up? Rod: Have you forgotten what over exposure to water does to our bodies? Barry: That is why you wear a scuba suit. It […]

Rant – E-Z Payments

Barry: Maybe we should have not bought all of that stuff!!! Rod: Hey, you were the one who wanted the recliner. Barry: Me? What about you and the Susan Lucci Cosmetics. They are for human females! Rod: It thought I could use them for Halloween this year and be the Joker. Barry: Wrong kind of […]

Rant – Genie in a Jack

Rod: I don’t care if it is a bottle of Jack Daniels, Jim Bean, or Dawn Dishwashing liquid, I want to see a genie pop out. Barry: Rod, we’ve had this discussion over and over……most of what you see on television is not real. Rod: That can’t be right. What about all of those reality […]

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